I’m a Computer Scientist from Germany. Even though I’m still finishing my Master’s Thesis, I already have been working in the industry and various scientific organizations.

I’m interested in a lot of different fields and programming langugages:

  • Game Design and Programming with Unity3D, Cocos-2D (iOS), XNA (kinda dead)
  • Gamification and Serious Games
  • Server Solutions (Windows & Linux)
  • XBMC (love it since the first build on Xbox 1)
  • Network and Security Monitoring (SIEM)
  • Health Monitoring and Trending (Nagios / Icinga)
  • Java EE (Tomcat)
  • Programming with Python, Objectice-C, Swift, C#, Javascript, Java, and good old bash 🙂

This blog is just a collection of solutions to random problems I had to face either in my spare time or during work assignments. Most of the stuff is just for me (aka virtual post-it) but maybe it’s useful for someone else as well.